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The 20 Dumbest Hollywood Hatemongers Part III (written with David Horowitz)

Tier 2: 10-6

10. Michael Moore

“This is a nation founded on genocide
and built on the backs of slaves!”

Cinema propagandist Michael Moore, 68, is arguably one of the Left’s loudest and angriest voices of anti-American bile and anti-white racism. He is best-known for his 2002 anti-gun documentary Bowling for Columbine which depicted America as a violent, gun-crazed culture. It won the 2003 Academy Award for Documentary Feature. He is also known for Fahrenheit 9/11, which won the top award at Cannes and became the highest-grossing documentary of all time. Both are packed with what charitably described as “deceptive half-truths and carefully phrased insinuations.”[1]

Typical of Moore’s work, Bowling for Columbine was found to be “replete with staged, concocted, or deceptively edited content,” as the Freedom Center’s John Perazzo puts it.[2] That includes, for example, a scene in which Moore walked out of a bank with a rifle he claimed to have received as a reward for opening a new account – a staged event that involved a six-week clearance process for real customers.

A wealthy sycophant of communist dictators (he once characterized himself as a “fanboy” of the late Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez,[3] for example, and has tweeted about his great admiration for Karl Marx[4]). Moore never tires of smearing America as a nation of gun-happy racists (“This is a nation founded on genocide and built on the backs of slaves!”[5]). He even complained that the SEAL team killing of Osama bin Laden was an “execution”[6] – as though the mass-murdering terrorist deserved a mere fine and probation.

Moore called Trump an “evil genius”[7] and “mass killer”[8] on the scale of Bin Laden for allegedly causing every COVID-19 death, and smeared Trump supporters as “legal terrorists.”[9] He even devoted a documentary to Trump’s political ascendance, Fahrenheit 11/9 (the title is a wordplay on both his earlier 9/11 documentary and the date Trump was elected to office). In it he made the predictable mindless comparison of Trump to Hitler.

Among his innumerable grotesque lies about America, the author of Stupid White Men has condemned our electoral system for being rooted in “racism,” “white supremacy,” and a desire to “stop black and brown people from voting.”[10] A more accurate name for his book would have been Stupid White Man. Naturally Moore sees no hypocrisy in his desire to keep his political opponents from voting. “Fuck the Republicans,” he stated after Joe Biden won the Presidency in 2020 amid accusations of widespread voter fraud. “Stop listening to them. They have nothing to do with what the majority of this country wants... We are the majority. We are the majority.”[11] False – more Americans identify as conservative than as liberals, or more to the point, pro-Castro leftists.


9. Kathy Griffin

No list of the Hollywood unhinged would be complete without this comedienne and actress, 61, the Emmy-winning star of the reality show Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List. The buzzsaw-voiced redhead posted a video of herself on May 30, 2017 holding a mask resembling Trump’s severed, bloody head.[12] In the wake of the shock this image produced, which outraged even some of her political fellow-travelers, she took it down and apologized.[13] Her attorney later claimed that Griffin “never imagined that it could be misinterpreted as a threat of violence against Trump.”[14] (That comment is probably the funniest joke Griffin ever came up with.) As her comedy show appearances began to be cancelled and her career threatened to evaporate, Griffin whined that the Trump family was “trying to ruin my life forever.”[15]

During an Australian TV interview in August 2017, she complained, “Stop acting like my little picture is more important than talking about the actual atrocities that the president of the United States is committing.”[16] Instead of producing a Trump atrocity to back up her claim, she later reposted the photo with Trump's fake decapitated head[17] after the 2020 election.

Prior to the 2018 midterm elections, Griffin tweeted, “FUCKING VOTE FUCKING VOTE BLUE DON’T FUCK ANYONE UNLESS THEY VOTE.”[18] This was shortly after she attacked Melania Trump on Twitter, writing “Fuck you, Melanie [sic]” and calling her a “feckless complicit piece of shit.”[19] Naturally Griffin sees herself as a liberated woman standing up for women’s independence, and women’s rights.

Griffin is fond of targeting children as well as women with her hate. After “joking” in 2017 that she intended to “deliver a beat down” to Trump’s young son Barron, she added, “You know a lot of comics are going to go hard for Donald. My edge is that I’ll go direct for Barron.”[20] She later called for doxxing the Covington High School kids who were falsely accused of mocking a Native American: “Name these kids. I want NAMES. Shame them. If you think these fuckers wouldn’t dox you in a heartbeat, think again,” she wrote in a social media post.[21]

In 2018 she caused controversy again for calling stand-up comedian and actor Kevin Hart, who is black, a “pussy” for refusing to attack Trump in his stage act.[22] Later that year, in response to a tweet by the president who was promoting his border wall, Griffin said, “Just shut the fuck up and prepare for prison.”[23]

8. Ron Perlman

Perlman, 72, is known for playing tough guys on such fare as the Sons of Anarchy series and the Hellboy movie franchise. He apparently has convinced himself that he is a tough guy in real life as well – or at least on the Internet. Breitbart News correctly described him as “one of Hollywood’s most incendiary and belligerent left-wing ideologues.”[24] His gruff, inarticulate social media posts are bursting with anti-Trump, anti-GOP profanities. “You are the KKK party,” he tweeted angrily in 2019. “Own it muthafuckas! And one more thing…FUCK YOU!”[25] (Like his fellow Hollywood progressives, Ron’s vocabulary is quite limited.)

Among his many other bullying, foul-mouthed posts: in 2013 Perlman advocated violence against a Republican congressman, tweeting, “every day somebody doesn’t punch #DarrelIssa in the mouth is a dark day in #America!!”[26] Censorious Twitter gave this incitement a pass.

In November 2017 he called Trump “a racist cunt,”[27] and a year later opined that the President would soon be “in chains” for committing the “high crime of treason.”[28]

In December 2020 he tweeted that Mitch McConnell would “go down in the history books as one of the biggest cunts in US politics,”[29] and the month prior to that, Perlman posted a homophobic fantasy on Twitter about Lindsey Graham, whom he wrote “is ripe for an ass fucking.”[30]

Regarding the failed California vote to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom in 2021, Perlman posted to Twitter a predictably profanity-laced video in which he ludicrously compared Republicans to the Islamic terror group ISIS, adding, “fuck you, GOP.”[31]

It’s difficult for normal people to fathom the depths of hatred Perlman and his comrades have for those who disagree with them. But it’s not hard to comprehend why people who make a living reciting other people’s words should have such impoverished imaginations and gutter verbal tics.  

7. Bette Midler

Former entertainer Midler, 76, has been reduced from winning Grammy and Tony awards, to composing lewd doggerel on social media aimed at soft targets such as Donald Trump’s young son Barron and wife Melania (whom Midler dismissed as “FLOTITS,”[32] a crude play on Melania’s position as FLOTUS, or First Lady). In addition, she posts homophobic jabs at the masculinity of conservatives like Lindsay Graham (who is straight), such as this juvenile tweet trying to link Graham romantically to openly gay conservative and former Director of National Intelligence, Ric Grenell:

Linseedy Graham, that Southern ham,

Has got a secret, oh yes ma’am

The truth is coming out and soon,

Seed’s in love with a Trumpy goon!

That brand new hack? Head of Intell?

Lindsey’s such a Southern Belle![33]

In August 2019, Midler posted a “joke” about Trump’s penis in “a poem from Melania”:

Each day I’m filled with the hope
That #Donald won’t be such a Dope
So I get on my knees
And say vip it out plise
As I reach for my new microscope.[34]

Midler incited violence against Trump in her advice to then-candidate Joe Biden prior to the first presidential debate in 2020: “KICK HIM IN THE NUTS! And then do it again for the 200,000 people he murdered!” she tweeted,[35] referring to Joe Biden’s sick assertion during the 2020 campaign that Trump had killed that many COVID-19 victims. Whom, then, does she blame for the 600,000 COVID-19 victims who died on President Joe Biden’s watch?

In December 2021, Midler tweeted to her two million followers the insane theory that Trump deliberately attempted to infect then-opponent Joe Biden with COVID-19 during a presidential debate the previous year: “#DonaldTrump should be arrested for attempted murder. He tried to infect & kill #JoeBiden at the debate; by turning up too late to be tested, knowing full well he was positive; then screeched, sputtered, spit, and foamed at the mouth, hoping to infect Joe. He IS the devil.”[36]

Midler has smeared Trump on social media as a “racist criminal,”[37] and “murderer and plunderer”[38] who “rapes us all with impunity.”[39] She fantasized about him and his family being hanged “good and high.”[40] In June 2019 she suggested in a tweet that Trump should be stabbed: “Maybe someone in his camp can gently give him a shiv. I mean, shove.”[41] She also claimed that he “KILLED people”[42] at the January 2021 Capitol chaos which the Left insists on falsely labeling an “insurrection.” In fact it was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Capitol police who murdered the unarmed protester Ashley Babbitt on January 6, and thanks to Pelosi were able to cover up the crime. The only other people who died on January 6 were Trump supporters.[43]

Twitter has suspended the accounts of conservatives, including Trump, for posts not remotely as offensive as Midler’s sick hatred. That’s Progressive privilege.

6. Michael Rapaport

Rapaport, 52, is recognizable from prominent supporting roles in films such as True Romance and Woody Allen’s Mighty Aphrodite, and TV roles from Friends to Boston Public. Now the actor with the Old School New York accent and attitude is perhaps even more well-known as an exceptionally foul-mouthed hater of Republicans.

“Dick stain fuck… let me tell you something on your stupid fucking Independence Day parade,” Rapaport began in a video rant directed at Donald Trump posted to Twitter on Independence Day, 2019. “The only thing we want independence from is you, you fucking dog you. Let me tell you something, those tanks, those bombers, if they come back with one scratch, one dent, I’m charging you, you fucking pig.”[44]

He then turned his venom on Trump’s daughter and White House advisor Ivanka, calling her a “fucking chickenhead” who doesn’t have a personality because her father “sucked it out of her. That’s what happens when you’re raised by a fucking piggy narcissist.”[45]

In another video rant released in March 2020 as pandemic lockdowns took effect against COVID-19, Rapaport urged Trump to use his children as guinea pigs to test the waters:

“Why don’t you send your fucking son, dick stain Donald Trump Jr., big-toothed Eric Trump, little fucking Barron, fucking Ivanka, junkyard Jared… let them go out there and test the fucking waters. Let them see if shit is sweet. Let them take the cars, the trains, the buses, the Amtrak, let them play in the park. And if everything’s good after five days of them playing in the streets, we’ll all go back to [work].”[46]

Rapaport, who has called Trump’s elegant wife Melania a “hooker”[47] and “dumb animal,”[48] attacked Fox News host Laura Ingraham as a “bitch,” a “filthy pig,” a “fucking pig, and a “dog-faced animal.”[49] He piled on the Covington High School students too, as the media demonized them as white supremacists, calling them “cocksuckers” and “MAGA hat-wearing shit stains.”[50] He recorded a 2020 Presidents’ Day video in which he called Trump a “fucking pussy grabbing, draft dodging, Vladimir-Putin-balls-on-his-chin, lying colluding, fucking President.”[51]

After the 2020 election, Rapaport posted another unhinged video rant in which he explained to Trump, “You lost, you fucking lost, and I’m going to tell you why you lost. Your stupid wife, your dumb fucking daughters, your two fucking sons… I’m going to tell you why you lost. You lost because you’re a cocksucker. You’re a cocksucker. You’re a lying, conniving, deceitful, cocksucker!”[52]

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David Horowitz is the founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center and the bestselling author of I Can't Breathe: How a Racial Hoax is Killing America.

Mark Tapson is the Shillman Fellow on Popular Culture for the David Horowitz Freedom Center.





















































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