Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Onward and Upward


After editing the David Horowitz Freedom Center website TruthRevolt for nearly three years, I am excited to announce that I now hold two brand new positions at the Center: serving as its Director of Marketing and Media, and doing weekly writing and video commentary as its Journalism Fellow on Popular Culture. will be shutting down to make way for big changes at the DHFC. Here is the official announcement at the site:

This is to announce that TruthRevolt will be closing up shop as of the end of today, Wednesday, March 7.

Ben Shapiro and David Horowitz created TruthRevolt with a mission to expose the leftist news media and hold them accountable for their hypocrisy and bias. Launched in October 2013, it was not just a media watchdog, but a media bulldog. TruthRevolt sought to help loosen the leftist death grip on the organs of culture: the news media, academia, and entertainment.

As the editor of TruthRevolt for nearly three years, I am proud of the fight we waged and grateful for the support of our readers and supporters. We aren’t giving up that fight, however; I want to emphasize that TruthRevolt is shuttering to enable the David Horowitz Freedom Center to focus on exciting new developments which will give us a more prominent presence and make us an even more formidable foe of the radical left.

Again, thanks to all our readers. For now, stay with us at the Freedom Center by following our flagship site FrontPage Mag, edited by Jamie Glazov, and keep an eye out for big changes in the very near future.
Mark Tapson, TruthRevolt editor