Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Tom Hanks: Great Actor, Nice Guy, White Supremacist

In a guest essay for the New York Times earlier this month, actor Tom Hanks apologized for his contribution as a filmmaker to erasing black history from American consciousness. Referencing the Tulsa race massacre of 1921, he wrote, “History was mostly written by white people about white people like me, while the history of Black people — including the horrors of Tulsa — was too often left out. Until relatively recently, the entertainment industry, which helps shape what is history and what is forgotten, did the same. That includes projects of mine.”

Those projects of his include producing numerous outstanding films and TV shows based on American history, including Band of Brothers, The Pacific, John Adams and From the Earth to the Moon. In addition, as one of America’s most beloved and successful living actors, the two-time Oscar winner has starred in some of the most memorable history-based movies of the last few decades, including Saving Private Ryan, Forrest Gump, and Apollo 13.

But in an essay last weekend titled “Tom Hanks Is A Non-Racist. It's Time For Him To Be Anti-Racist,” National Public Radio (NPR) TV critic Eric Deggans griped that Hanks’ confessional “is not enough.” His film work has too often “focused on the achievements of virtuous white, male Americans,” making it “tougher for tales about atrocities such as Tulsa to find similar space.”

Deggans, who ironically is the author of Race-Baiter: How the Media Wields Dangerous Words to Divide a Nation, concedes that Hanks is a consummate actor and “all-around stand-up guy” who has advocated for gay rights and environmentalism. Though Deggans did not note this, Hanks also backed the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden. Last year, he and wife Rita Wilson supported Michelle Obama’s “We All Vote” initiative, which aggressively pushed voting-by-mail during the 2020 presidential election. Hanks also ranks among Hollywood’s most charitable celebrities, supporting AIDS research, clean energy, and arts education. It’s fair to say he has contributed quite a bit to the progressive cause.

That’s wonderful, writes Deggans, but again – not enough. What matters to Deggans is that Hanks “is a baby boomer star who has built a sizable part of his career on stories about American white men ‘doing the right thing.’” It’s unclear how this is a bad thing; it’s also unclear how a man who makes a living as an entertainment critic is unaware that approximately 99% of contemporary TV and movie villains are white males (the remaining 1% are space aliens or the living dead). Hollywood depicting white men doing the right thing is a refreshing change, not the norm.

Betraying America


by John Perazzo, David Horowitz, and Mark Tapson

No institution in America – from government offices to schoolrooms to corporate boardrooms and beyond – is safe today from the poisonous racism of Critical Race Theory and the “1619 Project” which posit that United States history is rooted in slavery and white supremacy, and that “whiteness” is an incurable disease. The institution whose subversion poses the greatest threat to our national security is the military, now overseen by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, a determined advocate of these repulsive anti-American views.

Austin has required both Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project as core elements of the Pentagon’s military training programs – concealing their sinister agendas under the innocuous-sounding “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” label. He has ordered a purging of the military ranks of what he calls “extremists,” defined as opponents of these noxious views and supporters of Donald Trump and the Capitol protest of January 6th. This transformational focus of our military forces is the Biden administration’s answer to the growing threat of a heavily-militarized China - a purging of “whiteness” and patriotic pride from the ranks of our frontline defenders.

Lloyd Austin III, nominated in late 2012 for CENTCOM commander by President Barack Obama, who openly sought the “fundamental transformation” of America, spent his eight-year tenure politicizing the military command. When Austin retired from active duty with the U.S. military in 2016, he was a four-star general. He spent the next few years in the private sector as a founder and/or board member of various corporations until last December, when President Biden nominated him for the position of U.S. Secretary of Defense. The Senate subsequently confirmed Austin on January 22 by a vote of 93-2, making him the first black Defense Secretary in American history, and also the most radical – even though most black Americans are patriots and not radical.

Austin was a natural choice for an administration that seems to value the skin color, gender and politics of its appointees over all other characteristics, and – like the President, the Vice President, and the Democratic Party generally – views America as a nation so scarred by its racist history that nothing short of a radical transformation would make it worthy of celebrating and defending. Like Obama, Austin is intent on transforming the American military with dangerous consequences for the 330 million Americans whose mission it is to defend.

During Austin’s Senate confirmation hearing on January 19, he vowed to rid the U.S. military of the many “racists and extremists” that allegedly have infiltrated it. “The job of the Department of Defense is to keep America safe from our enemies,” he said. “But we can’t do that if some of those enemies lie within our own ranks.”

Or, if they preside over those ranks. When the military command divides its soldiers along racial and gender lines, demonizing some and making permanent victims out of others, the divisive effects of such guidelines can have a devastating impact on unit cohesion and troop morale. When this training includes videos lionizing Democrat presidents like Obama and Clinton as civil rights heroes but omits the gains made by black, Asian and Hispanic Americans under Trump, further seeds of division are sewn in the ranks. And when a maliciously false history of America as a nation born in slavery in 1619 is presented as truth, and the true American founding in 1776 as an avatar of equality and freedom is erased, the consequences for morale are destructive and dangerous.

If your military commanders tell you that your country was a racist nightmare from its inception, how does that affect your calculation as a 19-year-old when you are considering risking your life to defend it?

Friday, June 4, 2021

The Left's Urgent Mission to Sexualize Children


During a speech at Joint Base Langley-Eustice in Hampton, Virginia last Friday, listless President Joe Biden drifted into a strange reverie addressed to a female child in the audience, daughter of guest Brittany Bean, the wife of a soldier currently deployed in Afghanistan.

“I love those barrettes in your hair, man. I tell you what, look at her. She looks like she’s 19 years old sitting there like a little lady with her legs crossed,” Biden mused breathlessly. The little girl looked to be no older than perhaps seven years old.

This deeply disturbing behavior is not atypical of the 78-year-old Biden, who has a long, well-documented history of cringe-worthy touching and sniffing of girls and women in public. It is so typical, in fact, that this leering in the middle of his speech didn’t even raise an eyebrow among his fellow Democrats, particularly in the activist news media, who did not report on it. Imagine the apoplectic outrage if Biden’s comments had been made instead by former President Donald Trump, whom the media routinely demonized as a sexual predator for a boastful comment he made about grown women, not little girls, in a private conversation ten years before he was president.

But then, why should the left find Biden’s apparent sexualization of a child inappropriate? After all, sexualizing little children ranks very high on their anti-family agenda.

* * *

Right on the heels of the one day a year devoted to American patriots who gave their lives in military service to this country, comes an entire month designated for the compulsory celebration of a small segment of society simply for their sexual identity, which bullying activists have weaponized for vastly disproportionate political and cultural power.

For the cultural Marxists in the Biden administration, “Pride Month” is a time for raising the LGBT rainbow flag at embassies around the world to virtue-signal America’s commitment to divisive identity politics and to Karl Marx’s dream of abolishing the nuclear family.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Defeating 'The Enemy Within'

“Americans are more divided today than at any time since the Civil War,” writes bestselling author David Horowitz, the radical left’s most hated apostate, in his new book from Regnery Publishing, The Enemy Within: How a Totalitarian Movement is Destroying America. “The two parties are now guided by outlooks so divergent that their supporters seem to inhabit different universes.”

In The Enemy Within, the founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center paints a painfully clear diagnosis of this schism. Dedicated to the millions of American victims of the left’s policies and “woke” bigotry, the book elucidates the roots of our division, beginning with an explanation (and condemnation) of identity politics – the racist, collectivist ideology that “forms the core conviction of America’s political progressives and the Democrat Party.” This “factually baseless and politically destructive” worldview, powered by a raging hostility to white Christian males and America’s founding principles, promotes the demonstrably ludicrous notion that “America is actually governed by racial and gender ‘hierarches’ that keep non-white, non-male citizens down,” Horowitz observes.

Identity politics, or cultural Marxism, is at heart an anti-American creed, he writes, that has metastasized throughout our K-12 schools (both public and private) and academia, replacing basic educational principles and scholarly inquiry with an historically ignorant activism that inculcates anti-white, anti-male, and anti-Christian bigotries. With the kind of factual, reasoned arguments that are the Kryptonite of today’s left, Horowitz proceeds to demolish such “dangerous fictions” of the left as “systemic racism” and “white privilege,” before eviscerating the left’s intellectual darling Ta-Nehisi Coates and his call for slavery reparations – or rather, racial extortion.

A section of the book called “Storm Troopers” begins with an examination of the Marxist revolutionaries of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization, “a racist and violent vigilante group” which has surged to political and cultural power in America by exploiting identity politics and centering itself within a network of hundreds of similarly anti-American leftist organizations. Many of those organizations, Horowitz notes, are funded by America’s largest corporations and philanthropies, such as billionaire agitator George Soros’ Open Society Institute, the Ford Foundation, and the ice cream magnates’ Ben & Jerry’s Foundation.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Netflix's Ugly Racial Propaganda Wins an Oscar

If, like most of America, you don’t care about Hollywood’s Academy Awards anymore and you missed its recent all-time lowest-rated broadcast, then you likely haven’t heard about an ugly bit of Black Lives Matter agitprop that scored an Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film.

The woke propagandists at Netflix, the streaming service that made multi-million dollar deals with the Obamas and with former British royals Meghan and Harry to create social justice content, produced the half-hour film titled Two Distant Strangers. It was written and directed by Travon Free, whose credits as a writer include leftist political comedy for Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and The Daily Show. It centers on a young, black graphic novelist named Carter who is trapped in a time loop somehow and, Groundhog Day-style, is forced to re-live deadly encounters with a police officer named Merk.

Spoilers follow:

The officer – a white man, of course – is a caricature 0f racist evil (“merk” is slang for committing violence, usually killing). Carter, by contrast, is polite, affluent, and intellectual. Over and over in a sort of living nightmare, he experiences being rousted by the cop on the street for no reason, in confrontations that always end with the unarmed Carter being killed – first suffocated to death in a chokehold while complaining “I can’t breathe” (sound familiar?), then shot to death by the trigger-happy Merk in subsequent run-ins.

Carter finally realizes both he and Merk are caught in some kind of endless cycle of lethal police brutality. When they manage to postpone the inevitable long enough to discuss their situation, Carter asks why Merk became a cop. “I guess I got sick of being bullied,” he confesses, and Carter counters, “So you became one.” This is a disgusting smear of hundreds of thousands of law enforcement personnel in this nation who chose for noble reasons to put their lives on the line every day to serve and protect.

But it gets worse. Carter goes on to lecture Merk about black victimhood: “You guys over-police our neighborhoods, over-punish us, lock us up for life, for some shit that white boys joke about in their memoirs. And then we’re stuck in a cycle we can’t even break.” Everyone’s responsible for their own choices, Merk retorts, including criminals. Carter shoots back: “What choice do they have when white people are born on third base and niggas outside the stadium?”

What outrageous dishonesty. In Travon Free’s race-mongering worldview, blacks are all given a raw deal at birth and whites are all given a backstage pass. In this patently false narrative, there is no thriving black middle class or wealthy blacks rewarded for talent and hard work, just as there are no poor, unsuccessful whites. There is only white privilege, black oppression, and mass incarceration.

“If we’re being really real here,” Carter continues, “the system rewards you with the best possible prize for the only thing you had nothin’ to do with – bein’ white.” Actually, if we’re being “really real,” the only systemic racism is in the Democrat Party, and the only privilege in today’s America is black Democrat privilege. But there’s no room for the truth in this short film; only propaganda.

Monday, April 26, 2021

Eight-Time President of Hollywood Foreign Press Association Shares Freedom Center Article, Gets Cancelled

In a panicked move to signal its commitment to racial justice, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, a gaggle of Los Angeles-based, international journalists, has booted 88-year-old member Philip Berk from its ranks. The South African-born Berk was not just a run-of-the-mill reporter in the association; he had belonged to it for 44 years and was an eight-time president there. His unforgiveable transgression? Last weekend he shared an email with HFPA members, staff, general counsel, and COO containing a cut-and-pasted article which slammed the powerful Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement as “a racist hate organization.”

Berk reportedly did not cite the source or add the link in his email, but the Los Angeles Times identified the article in question as “BLM Goes Hollywood,” written by Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, and posted at FrontPage Mag on Monday, April 12. The piece centers on Hollywood’s embrace of the BLM co-founders, particularly Patrisse Cullors, who has stirred controversy and even angered some BLM supporters recently by making her fourth home purchase, a $1.4 million compound in an affluent white neighborhood in Southern California. Cullors has also been signed by the powerful CAA talent agency and by Warner Bros. studio in a lucrative deal to develop scripted dramas and comedies, docuseries, and animated programming for children, young adults and families.

Typically for Greenfield, his article pulled no punches, condemning BLM as a “hate group” whose “race rioters burned buildings and terrorized communities” nationwide in 2020, and skewering its self-proclaimed Marxist leaders for their big-spending hypocrisy and cynical exploitation of white racial guilt.

One triggered HFPA member labeled Berk’s email “racist,” another “vile,” and a third called him “a thundering disgrace.” Member Rui Coimbra reportedly replied to Berk, “As a former HFPA President and still a strong and influential voice in the group, this is not the [type] of information you should be disseminating to HFPA members. Please remove me from any racist email you wish to send to the membership.”

Prior to Berk’s official expulsion from the HFPA, the organization released a statement damning Greenfield’s article: “The views expressed in the article circulated by Mr. Berk are those of the author of the article and do not — in any way shape or form – reflect the views and values of the HFPA. The HFPA condemns all forms of racism, discrimination and hate speech and finds such language and content unacceptable.”

The statement did not identify anything racist, discriminatory, or hateful in Greenfield’s article – but then, it didn’t need to; the mere fact that the article dared castigate the untouchable BLM was sufficient cause for the HFPA to hurriedly discredit it and distance itself from it. They must have found the article especially galling because the left regularly (and falsely) uses terminology like “racist hate group” to smear pro-American organizations like the Freedom Center, but they are unaccustomed to having it thrown back in their faces to describe anti-American radicals like BLM.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Webinar: The Left's War on the Family

Last Thursday evening I gave a webinar for the David Horowitz Freedom Center's FrontPage Mag website, on the topic, "The Left's War on the Family." The video is now up at YouTube. Check it out here or below:


Thursday, March 25, 2021

America at the End of Empire

In a recent monologue on HBO’s Real Time, host Bill Maher called Americans a “silly people” for allowing themselves to be mired in culture war struggles, such as the politically correct cancelling of children’s books, while our superpower competition China is laser-focused on political, economic, and military dominance.

“You’re not going to win the battle for the 21st century if you are a silly people. And Americans are a silly people,” Maher asserted. He then referenced the latest “cancel culture” controversy – the woke mob’s targeting of children’s author Dr. Seuss over purported racism in his books: “Do you know who doesn’t care that there’s a stereotype of a Chinese man in a Dr. Seuss book? China. All 1.4 billion of them couldn’t give a crouching tiger flying fuck because they’re not a silly people. If anything, they are as serious as a prison fight.”

Maher pointed out that China has “built 500 entire cities from scratch, moved the majority of their huge population from poverty to the middle class, and mostly cornered the market in 5G and pharmaceuticals” in two generations. Meanwhile in America, “half the country is having a never-ending woke competition deciding whether Mr. Potato Head has a dick and the other half believes we have to stop the lizard people because they’re eating babies. We are a silly people,” he continued.

“Do you think China’s doing that, letting political correctness get in the way of nurturing their best and brightest?” Maher added. “Do you think Chinese colleges are offering courses in ‘The Philosophy of Star Trek, ‘The Sociology of Seinfeld,’ and ‘Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse’? Those are real and so is China. And they are eating our lunch. And believe me, in an hour, they’ll be hungry again.”

Maher’s prescient lecture came just before the Chinese delegation ate their American counterparts for lunch at last week’s U.S.-China meeting in Alaska, telling Secretary of State Antony Blinken to his face that China does not view America as operating “from a position of strength.” With a new American President so decrepit he is shielded from the public by his handlers; with our southern border collapsing under tsunami of illegal aliens; and with Americans at each other’s throats in a not-so-Cold Civil War, China’s not wrong about that.

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Trump and Reagan

It wasn’t enough for the left to cheat Donald Trump out of a second term in the Oval Office. He still poses such a threat to the Democrat Party that they are mobilized to prevent him from ever being allowed to seek political office again. But it won’t stop there. They want to erase Trump and his legacy from public memory entirely by any means possible: everything from banning him from social media, to denying him a Presidential library, to barring his name from federally funded monuments, street names, and park benches, to such petty measures as cutting his cameo appearance from Home Alone 2. If it were within their power – and it very nearly is – the Democrats would not hesitate to “vaporize” Trump (to use George Orwell’s term) and obliterate every trace of his existence from history. They would make him what Orwell called, in Nineteen Eighty-Four, an unperson.

Conservative commentator, speaker, and writer Nick Adams is determined to thwart this Democrat mission, single-handedly if necessary, and to cement the former President’s place as – in Adams’ view – the greatest in American history. Sometimes referred to as Trump’s favorite author (for having tweeted recommendations of some of his articles and books), Adams published a book last year titled Trump and Churchill, in which he expounded upon a list of ten points of similarity between the two leaders and argued that they were history’s greatest defenders of Western civilization (I reviewed that book for FrontPage Mag here).

In the same vein, Adams’ latest book, fresh off the press (Post Hill Press, to be precise), is Trump and Reagan: Defenders of America, in which he declares Trump to be “the second coming” of Ronald Reagan, only greater – a bold claim, considering the reverence in which conservatives generally hold our 40th President. But Adams argues respectfully, without diminishing Reagan’s achievements at all, that Trump accomplished more in one term than Reagan did in two. In any case, in the course of his new book, Adams illuminates the characteristics, political successes, and even the subversive enemies they faced that make these two Presidents more alike than first glance might suggest.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Cancel Culture Comes for Chaucer

Another week, another Dead White Male toppled off his perch in the classics canon by university administration milquetoasts pandering to the woke, anti-intellectual mob. This time the DWM in question is medieval literary giant Geoffrey Chaucer of The Canterbury Tales fame, courses on whom are being eliminated at the University of Leicester in England because the man often called the Father of English Literature doesn’t match the current “enthusiasms” of students there.

Last month, the University announced its intention to remove courses in The Canterbury Tales and replace them with courses centered on – what else? – sexuality, diversity, race, and ethnicity. “We want to offer courses that match our students’ own interests and enthusiasms, as reflected in their own choices and the feedback we have been hearing,” a university spokesperson explained to MailOnline. Students’ “interests and enthusiasms” apparently now are dominated by an obsession with the power dynamics of skin color and genitalia, and thus Chaucer is no longer relevant.

And not just Chaucer’s works, but anything written prior to the year 1500. Also potentially on the chopping block, reportedly, are courses on: Beowulf, the heroic epic considered to be the earliest work of English literature; John Milton’s magisterial Paradise Lost; the works of poet John Donne and playwright Christopher Marlowe; the chivalric romance Sir Gawain and the Green Knight; and Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur, the 15th-century chronicle of the legend of King Arthur.

Leicester University management emailed the English department to notify them of these changes, stating, “The aim of our proposals [is] to offer a suite of undergraduate degrees that provide modules which students expect of an English degree.” Apparently a familiarity with Chaucer and other medieval authors is no longer what students expect of an English degree, but race-mongering identity politics is.

The new “modules” promised to be “excitingly innovative” and would cover “a chronological literary history, a selection of modules on race, ethnicity, sexuality and diversity, a decolonised curriculum, and new employability modules,” the email continued. Sri Lankan-born Vice Chancellor Nishan Canagarajah, reportedly at the center of the diversity push, said it was part of a long-term strategy “to compete on a global level.” And how is such wokeness, which has been in progress for some time now, working out for Leicester University? In just ten years, the school has plunged from 17th on the Guardian University Guide’s ranking of English universities to 77th.