Wednesday, November 30, 2022

The Right Take Podcast Episode 11: "Has Our Culture Lost its Mind?" with Dr. Chloe Carmichael


Clinical psychologist Dr. Chloe Carmichael and I discuss everything from gender ideology to the crisis of masculinity to COVID masking and more. She was a fun, enlightening guest. Check it out:

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Sunday, November 27, 2022

This Thanksgiving, 'The Nation' Was Grateful for Abortions


This past Thanksgiving Day was greeted with the usual chorus of anti-American diatribes from the miserable utopians of the Left. Wealthy celebrity ingrates like Bette Midler and John Leguizamo sneered at Americans and the holiday on social media (the John Wick actor tweeted, “Happy indigenous survivor’s day! F*ck thanksgiving!”). MSNBC’s resident race-monger Joy Reid accused Republicans of wanting to portray Thanksgiving as a “simplistic fairy tale” to cover up that America was founded on “genocide.” Even the head of terrorism-linked CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, lectured Americans about “the dark history associated with this holiday” and the “unspeakable atrocities” committed against Native Americans.

But nothing sank to the depth of the Left’s perverse worldview quite like a Thanksgiving Day essay in the radical rag The Nation titled, “We’re Thankful for Our Abortions,” which declared there’s literally nothing to be grateful for in our current state of the union except the endangered freedom to abort one’s own unborn children.

The essay’s author is Nikiya Natale (preferred pronouns “she/her”), deputy director of We Testify, a group created by the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF) which advocates for women who have undergone abortions. Her bio on the group’s website states that Natale’s “passion” for her work “stems from her own multiple abortion experiences.” Multiple “experiences.”

Natale claims in her Nation article that many of those who have had abortions “celebrate their experience”; some of the women themselves – We Testify “abortion storytellers” – then go on to detail their infanticides in the article and why they are “thankful” for them.

Predictably, like all social justice warriors who live in a state of ceaseless discontent over perceived historical injustices, Natale felt compelled to begin her essay by wondering “why our nation celebrates the complicated holiday of Thanksgiving at all” – “complicated” because America was “founded on the unforgivable genocide of Native Americans.”

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Traditional Masculinity Should Be GQ’s 'New Masculinity' -- My latest at Intellectual Takeout


Several years ago when I wrote cultural pieces for the now-defunct, Intellectual Takeout reposted about a dozen of those articles. Last Monday they published this new one I wrote specifically for them, and I hope to contribute to them more often:

 GQ magazine held its 25th “Men of the Year” event in London last Wednesday. Talents from across the fields of culture, sports, and entertainment gathered for the glitzy gala celebrating the British men’s style magazine’s honorees for Men of the Year. Curiously, over a third of the personalities on that list were women.

Of the 26 honorees named, an eyebrow-raising nine were female, including Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney, The Batman actress Zoë Kravitz, English soccer captain Leah Williamson, and House of the Dragon star Emma D’arcy, who apparently identifies as “non-binary.” Other women were Marisa Abela, Sheila Atim, Es Devlin, Myha’la Herrold, and Sharon Horgan.

Making a feeble stab at clarification, the host Condé Nast Events wrote in a statement, “Rather than honouring people in a distinct ‘awards’ section of the issue, the entire MOTY issue will become a celebration of the people who dominated culture and shaped the zeitgeist of 2022.”

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