Friday, October 12, 2012

How the Left Keeps Blacks in Line: The Stacey Dash Chapter

Last weekend black actress Stacey Dash ignited a firestorm of racist hate from supporters of President Obama when she dared to step off the Hollywood plantation and endorse a Republican presidential candidate. She posted a picture of herself on Twitter with an American flag and the accompanying tweet, “Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future.” The Twitter response was swift and ugly.

Ms. Dash is best-known for her supporting role in the 1995 movie Clueless and more recently a leading role on VH1’s Single Ladies. In the last election she voted for Obama, but “it’s different this time,” she tweeted. Kudos to her for having her own mind and for being willing to rethink her political stance, rather than falling for Obama’s laughable excuse that he needs another four years to clean up the mess he “inherited” from George W. Bush. Kudos to her also because she works in Hollywood, where anything short of open contempt for conservatives, much less open support for one, can get you disinvited from all the right parties and even hinder you from getting further work.

The totalitarian left demands absolute fealty from their black constituency, and ruthlessly punishes independent thought. So after the former Obama voter’s pro-Romney tweet, some twitterers cut right to the chase and urged Dash to kill herself. The next time progressives demonize the right as “American Taliban,” perhaps we should remind them that it is the intolerant left who wishes death upon those who dare question the orthodoxy.

Others on Twitter railed at her for being a “house Negro,” “Uncle Tom,” “race traitor” and “Oreo” (black on the outside, white on the inside). Remember that these racist epithets are from other blacks. WARNING: The following examples are almost incoherently ungrammatical, which speaks volumes about the left’s self-proclaimed intellectual superiority; but in addition, some of them are shockingly vile – and I didn’t even include the most disgusting ones.

Twitterer Blackbuda2K12 wrote, “Stacy Dash is an oreo, white man dik hopping uncle tom ghetto gagger may she get cancer twice and die once.” Another, who goes by JPVanity tweeted to Dash that Romney “don't give a sh*t about you or ANY of us colords.” Dash replied, “That’s ignorant. So you’re voting for [Obama] ‘cause he’s black? Real smart.” The moronic JPVanity went on to warn other blacks that Romney “finna put ALL Y'ALL in concentration camps.” To another conservative on Twitter he threatened, “Shut up u republican piece of sh*t ill shoot ur kids in the face.” He should be jailed just for grammatical felonies, but at the very least, law enforcement should look into his violent threats.

Yale Perkins, who fancies himself an “up and coming music producer,” told Dash, “hoe kill yourself!!!! UNCLE TOM...HOUSE NIGGA.” Then he posted a picture of the beautiful, smiling actress and wrote, “this bitch @REALStaceyDash face look like a 82 year old white lady name ms mammie. No wonder she voting for mitt bitch.” He went on to attack Dash with further tweets full of unprintable obscenities and hate.

Weak ass no acting ass @REALStaceyDash. U can't never come back over here! You's a house nigga now,#1Brat eloquently put it. “You ready to head back to the fields, jiggaboo?” queried Sherrick W. “YOU MAKE ME SICK U A NIGGA IN A COWBOY HAT DON'T SEEM LIKE YOU CARE ABOUT BLACKS EITHER. G*DD*MN TRAITOR,” shouted FeefaGaga.

Some blacks on Twitter did come to Dash’s defense, tweeting support for her choice or at the very least, her right to choose. “#ISupportStaceyDash because I believe in liberty, freedom of speech and the right for one to express their opinion openly,” wrote Demetrius Minor. “Standing w @REALStaceyDash 4 voting brain instead of skin color!” wrote Anthony, who added,“#ISupportStaceyDash bc supporting 13% Black Unemp. is the REAL sellout!” Savannah wrote “#ISupportStaceyDash because she put character before color.” Tyler Hale said “#ISupportStaceyDash for making her own choices and decisions!”

The kind of venom Stacey Dash received is what blacks face from black Democrats when they dare to deviate from the left’s victim-centered identity politics and vote Republican: the most vicious racism possible, and even physical threats. This is how the left polices itself and keeps blacks in line –with the threat of immediate and unforgiving excommunication from the black community.

The left’s degrading and dismissive barb that “you’re not really black” is the kind of racism that black Republican politicians/candidates like Condoleeza Rice, Allen West, Mia Love and Herman Cain face. The sad truth is that decades of progressive policies have left inner city black families and their communities all across America in shambles, results that Obama has exacerbated and will perpetuate in a second term. Those families’ best hope for change is to vote Republican, but anyone open-minded enough to even consider it knows that taking such a bold step would be at the risk of alienating many of their black friends and even family members, who would consider them race traitors. It takes an unusual degree of courage and conviction to willfully bring that upon yourself and your loved ones.

Black Democrats insist that, given the reins of power, Republicans will turn back the clock and throw blacks back into chains. Remember when 2008 candidate John McCain appeared on The View, and host Whoopi Goldberg actually asked him, “Should I be worried about being returned to slavery?” Manipulative, condescending, racist progressives have implanted too many American blacks with an irrational fear that a Republican presidency will mean the literal reinstatement of slavery; meanwhile those blacks live in thrall to the social and economic manacles forged by Democrats.

(This article originally appeared here on FrontPage Mag, 10/10/12)