Saturday, January 16, 2021

Friday Must-Reads 1/15/21

This week's must-reads, several of them by brilliant people I'm honored to call friends:

"Cancelling the Classics? The Woke Crowd Comes for Homer's 'Odyssey'" by Matthew Pheneger at The Imaginative Conservative.

"Boys to Men," by Anthony Esolen at Crisis Magazine.

"Spirit Murder, Lizard Brains and the Abolition of Whiteness" by my friend Larry Sand at the California Policy Center.

"Conservatives -- we have to be our own deus ex machina" by my friend Andrea at Bookworm Room.

"Driving Out the Scapegoat" by my friend Bruce Thornton at FrontPage Mag.

"The Virtue of the New Totalitarians" by Roger Kimball at American Greatness.

"Institutionalized Obedience: Americans & the Lockdowns" by Habi Zhang at The Imaginative Conservative.