Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Tip of the Swedish Iceberg

In the wake of the failed suicide bombing in Sweden comes this illuminating piece, translated from the Swedish, about a man who infiltrated Stockholm's Grand Mosque and discovered a ten-man team recruiting Muslim immigrants for violent jihad. (A tip of the hat to the essential Islam in Europe blog run by the tireless Esther).

Daniel Arrospide wasn't surprised by the recent terrorist attempt intended to kill as many Christmas shoppers as possible, and he is confident there will be more attacks in Sweden.

Obama and the Left keep trotting out the notion that terrorism stems from poverty, lack of opportunity and hopelessness, a notion that has long been discredited. However, it's true that terrorists know how to exploit the impoverished in places like Somalia, the Palestinian territories, and even among European immigrants, as Arrospide learned:

If the person is single, they pay him a little money. If he has a family, they promise him a lot of money to the family in case he chooses to die in the name of Allah.
Arrospide's most interesting revelation referred to a statement denouncing terrorism issued by Swedish Muslim leaders (another h/t to Esther):
The statement from the Imam and the Swedish Islamic Association is just a game for the gallery. They have completely lost control over the 'communities' in Sweden. The fact is that people from the al-Qaeda terrorist network are recruiting Swedish Muslims of all ages on an on-going basis for the holy war of Jihad.

The imam knows precisely who they are and could have easily contacted SÄPO
[the Swedish security service], but chose not to do this. I could never understand why, despite my attempt to find out. I'm not claiming that he indirectly supported this, but sometimes I wondered...
His suggested solution?
SÄPO must learn from it's American counterpart, the FBI, and recruit more people who can speak Arabic and can infiltrate more Islamic communities around the country. Take the imams from the various 'communities' to interrogation because they know more than what they're saying.
Infiltration and interrogation - tactics the American Left and Muslim-American spokesmen like CAIR prefer to label as entrapment and torture.