Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Israeli Leftist Targets a Holocaust Organization

On the left-wing Israeli website, correspondent Amira Hass posted an article recently with the unwieldy title, “On an ostensible Holocaust website, the U.S. right's opposition to Obama is the message,” in which she attacked the work of the Los Angeles-based Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors (CJHS) for its pro-Israel and anti-totalitarian stance, two positions the left cannot tolerate.

Hass wrote that CJHS caught her attention a few months ago with an email containing a “hair-raising photograph of the train tracks to Auschwitz.” Hass, herself a child of Jewish Holocaust survivors, “assumed that this group that I wasn't familiar with somehow considered me one of their own… and I let myself read what the group had to say.” I’m pretty certain that CJHS does not consider Hass one of its own, since her work perpetuates the standard leftist lies about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In any case, what Hass then read on the site prompted her to attempt a withering response.

“On the site of Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors,” Hass wrote, “the right wing uses one of the 20th century's greatest atrocities for political gain.” This disgusting accusation is a cynical ploy to gloss over the fact that it is the unholy alliance of the left and Islamic fundamentalists who want to diminish the historical truth of the Holocaust – or deny it altogether – for their own political gain.

“The first thing I learned” from the site, she continued, “was that I should be gravely worried by Chuck Hagel's possible appointment as the next U.S. defense secretary.” Actually, Israel should be gravely worried but Hass has nothing to fear, since neither she nor Hagel is a friend of our Middle East ally. Next, she read that CJHS is “committed to the promotion of Western values against the dual threats of complacency and the spread of Islam.” Hass found this amusing, claiming “that the social and biologically-based hierarchy, white supremacy, racial purity, country above all and man in service of the state and race are Western values.” If Hass considers those to be the West’s values, then she fits right in with the deranged Islamic fundamentalists whose genocidal agenda she is abetting.

She went on to complain about the CJHS website linking to politically conservative sites. “Surfing the site was like wandering through a meeting held by the American right.” How unsettling that must have been, to find herself in the virtual belly of the pro-Israel beast. She noted with disapproval that CJHS linked to an article on a different site that compared President Obama to Hitler; her concern is understandable considering that, as FrontPage’s Daniel Greenfield wrote, “Hass has repeatedly written sympathetic pieces about the genocidal anti-Semitic terrorist organization whose members often revere Hitler.”

“And I wasn't at all surprised,” Hass continued, “to find among the Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors' guests people like former ultra-right-wing MK Aryeh Eldad and right-wing Israeli group Women in Green.” In other words, Hass disapproves of staunch supporters of Israel, which says much more about her than it does about CJHS.

She went on to complain that CJHS links to articles on other sites that criticize Obama for raising taxes and threatening gun confiscation, which Americans are now realizing is an urgent goal of the radical Obama administration. Hass concludes sarcastically that CJHS believes that “to prevent a new Holocaust, it is necessary to leave untouched the free use of guns in the United States.” I’ll concede this one to her, although there is no “free use of guns” in the US, and the Founding Fathers established private gun ownership in order to defend against a tyrannical government; but yes, it’s also a good start toward staving off a new Holocaust.

Hass also was disturbed by a post on CJHS’ Facebook page which condemns “American Jews who voted for Obama against their own interests.” CJHS is right to condemn them. Obama has proven over and over again that he is an enemy of Israel and the Jews, arming the Jew-hating fundamentalist regime in Egypt, for example, with weapons that will one day be used against Israelis and Americans.

Furthermore, Hass seems suspicious that CJHS seems to consist of just one person – its founder and president:

Maybe I'm more Web-challenged than I thought, or maybe this woman really can do everything on her own, including searching the Web, organizing discussions, linking other articles, sending emails to tens of thousands of people (in her own words), writing press releases, keeping up on events and updating a Facebook page.

Hass does not name “this woman,” probably in a petty move to avoid giving her any free publicity. Allow me to name her now: Doris Wise Montrose.* Hass is correct that Doris really can and does do everything that Hass lists on her own, because she is a driven warrior against America’s and Israel’s enemies, foreign and domestic, and a passionate defender of human rights against totalitarians like Obama and Hamas.

As for the CJHS events, some of the speakers and topics CJHS has sponsored or co-sponsored for Los Angeles-area residents include, to name a few recent ones, Larry Schweikart discussing “A Patriot’s History of the Modern World”; Professor Abraham Sion on “How the Jewish Community Should Confront the Israeli Left and Arab Propaganda”; FrontPage’s own Caroline Glick on “Israel on the Eve of U.S. Elections”; and “Is Our First Amendment in Danger?” featuring Alex Kozinski, Chief Judge of the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, and Eugene Volokh, UCLA Professor of Law.

What Hass and her ilk resent is that, unlike too many holocaust groups, Doris and CJHS are not content to merely memorialize and mourn the horrors of the past. Recognizing that Jews and Western civilization itself are facing a global hatred that threatens us anew, CJHS exists to do its part, through educational events and awareness-raising news and commentary, to prevent another Holocaust. As its motto states, “Never again is now.”

Amira Hass’s attempted condemnation of the Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors simply confirms that Doris Wise Montrose must be doing something very right.

* Full disclosure: the David Horowitz Freedom Center has co-sponsored many of CJHS’ important events, and Doris is a very close friend of mine, so I have firsthand knowledge of the courageous, critical work she does through CJHS.

(This article originally appeared here on FrontPage Mag, 2/27/13)