Saturday, January 28, 2023

My New Substack - The Culture Warrior

I'm late making the announcement, but as of about a month ago I'm posting all my latest articles at my new Substack account called Culture Warrior. The Culture Warrior tagline? "Make Western Civilization Great Again."

My avatar there (you can see it in the subscribe button below) is a flag with a red cross on a black-and-white field. Why? It is the Beauséant, the battle flag flown by the warrior-monks of the medieval Knights Templar. The cross, of course, represents Christ’s sacrifice, while the blocks of black and white symbolize the duality of evil and good. The black is on top because evil seems to hold sway in this world; but beneath, the good is ever-present and ultimately will prevail.

Subscribing at Culture Warrior is the best way to keep up with what I'm writing, reading, and doing henceforth. I don't currently have the time to cross-post those things here as well (unless there's a quick, automatic way to do it that I just haven't had the time to research yet), although will remain my personal website. It may see some changes too in the very near future.

In the meantime, please consider subscribing to Culture Warrior. It's free (many Substack accounts charge a monthly fee) and each weekend you'll get exclusive access to my weekly newsletter, which includes links to all my posts from the week including my podcast episodes, in addition to links to must-read books and articles that I highly recommend in order to keep up with and understand what's happening in the culture (and what to do about it).

Looking forward to seeing you there!