Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Left and the F-Word

Exactly a year ago, coincidentally, I wrote for FrontPage Mag about the left’s obsession with obscenity. In that piece I enumerated many examples of the Democrat penchant for public profanity, and I noted that swearing sends a thrill up the left’s collective leg because, as good Marxists, they consider decency to be a contemptable bourgeois value; they still fancy themselves to be counterculture revolutionaries sticking it to The Man. Nothing has changed in the last year; if anything, the left has intensified its love affair with vulgarity as President Donald Trump continues to trigger their basest instincts.
Language alert: there are quite a few f-words ahead and I’m not going to censor them, so that you can feel the full repellent impact of the left’s degrading, junior high school mentality.
One unsurprising example is foul-mouthed Kathy Griffin, whom you may remember as the purported comedienne who thought it would be courageous and hilarious to pose with the mock, bloody, severed head of President Trump. In the wake of the massive, well-deserved backlash she received, she played the victim and claimed that Trump had “broken” her. Apparently that last bit was true; as evidence, witness this recent gutter musing on Twitter:

Wow – so convincingly argued. She followed that up with this ugly message for Melania Trump, in response to a statement from the First Lady’s spokeswoman regarding the treatment of children of illegal aliens at our border: “Fuck you, Melanie. You know damn well your husband can end this feckless complicit piece of shit.” So brave and classy! Such hateful ravings are typical of the privileged but irrational, uninformed Democrats who dominate the entertainment industry. Celebrities crave nothing so much as adoration, so they are fond of virtue-signaling in this manner for the benefit of their fans and showbiz colleagues – not because celebrities have any insightful clarity to offer (they don’t) but because it earns them social media “likes” and standing ovations among their peers, as we shall see in a moment.
It’s not just celebs, of course. Politicians too – or at least, very minor ones –feel no compunction to maintain any kind of dignity or decency now. A New Mexico congressional hopeful named Pat Davis disgracefully proclaimed “Fuck the NRA” in a campaign ad last month. Just this week, Pennsylvania state representative Brian Sims tweeted a photo in which he proudly posed with middle finger raised in imaginary greeting to Vice President Mike Pence. The caption read,
OFFICIAL WELCOME: @MikePenceVP let me be the first to officially welcome you to the City of Brotherly Love and to my District! We’re a City of soaring diversity. We believe in the power of all people: Black, Brown, Queer, Trans, Atheist, & Immigrant. So...get bent, then get out!
There is so much soaring (?) diversity in Sims’ district – unless you’re a straight, white Christian like VP Pence. Then they’ll run you out of town because you’re a hater. Amusingly, Sims misdirected his rude tweet to a Pence fan account on Twitter, not to the Vice President's account.
Sims describes himself on Twitter as an “LGBTQ activist, State Representative, civil rights attorney, College Football Captain, Bearded, #RuPaulsDragRace fanatic, #LittleMermaid enthusiast.” (Based on this and his tweet to Pence, he could also add “Capitalization Enthusiast.”) On his Twitter page Sims is fond of such inflammatory stupidity as accusing Republicans of throwing the children of illegal aliens into “Concentration Camps” (capitalized, of course). Presumably he believes the left’s lunatic lie that Pence wants to hurl the entire LGBT community into concentration camps as well – hence his profane posturing in the aforementioned tweet.
This is the modern Democrat party: blathering about diversity and love and the power of all people, all the while reveling in profanity and openly hateful discrimination against conservatives.
In the most infamous recent example, Robert “Aging Bull” De Niro, once a celebrated actor and now reduced by Trump-hatred to a better-dressed version of an unhinged vagrant cursing at clouds, stepped onstage at the recent Tony Awards show to introduce a performance by rocker Bruce Springsteen. Proving that President Trump is living rent-free in De Niro’s head, he began thus: “I’m gonna say one thing – fuck Trump.” De Niro then lifted his fists in the air like a silverback gorilla displaying aggression, as the privileged audience of Hollywood elite got to its feet and cheered rapturously. “It’s no longer ‘Down with Trump,’” he continued, “it’s ‘Fuck Trump.’” More primate aggression. More ecstatic cheering.
De Niro’s behavior was not only inappropriate for the setting (or any setting), it was juvenile and stupid, regardless of your politics or who the President is. Spewing the f-word publicly at a political opponent is a clear sign that you have run out of valid arguments, wit, and dignity, and are left with nothing but inarticulate rage and frustration. It is what you do when rabid emotion, not common sense, is most effective weapon in your armory. Certainly, the contemporary political climate is insane enough to drive anyone to the brink of inarticulate exasperation, but it is one thing to express that profanely in private and quite another to do so before the whole world – or at least the sliver of it that tuned in to the Tony Awards (it was beaten in the ratings that night by Celebrity Family Feud).
But this is what Donald Trump has reduced the left to – or more precisely, what he has exposed them as: enraged children seeking validation from each other in a pretense of anti-Establishment rebellion, desperately trying to control our political discourse by deflecting from Trump’s successes. As the President achieves such anti-Progressive aims as galvanizing the economy, boosting black employment, enforcing law and order, and asserting our autonomy at the United Nations, the impotent left has nothing left but to snap at his heels with sophomoric epithets.
From FrontPage Mag, 6/21/18