Wednesday, October 20, 2021

I Can't Breathe

After a few years of the widespread tearing-down of statues honoring American heroes such as the Great Emancipator Abraham Lincoln, Founding Father George Washington, and anti-slavery giant Frederick Douglass, recently a few new statues went up for a change. Massive golden busts of the late, far-left Congressman John Lewis and Black Lives Matter icons George Floyd and Breonna Taylor were erected in Manhattan's Union Square.

Lewis arguably achieved something in his life – albeit in the service of communism. Floyd and Taylor, however, are being venerated not because of any extraordinary accomplishments, but because their deaths in police-involved incidents were successfully exploited by the Marxist revolutionaries of Black Lives Matter to inflame racial rage and demonize police officers all across the country as genocidal bigots, even though there is zero evidence that racism was a factor in either death. Floyd, now an international symbol of racist police brutality, was an inveterate criminal and drug addict who died of a fentanyl overdose while being restrained by police for resisting arrest. Breonna Taylor died when police who were entering her darkened apartment with a search warrant returned fire after her drug-dealing boyfriend began shooting at them.

This is where America is in 2021: monuments honoring Frederick Douglass, a black man who rose from slavery to become a statesman, orator, writer, and noted abolitionist, are now destroyed by the woke mob, but blacks whose unintended deaths can be weaponized against America are lionized in the public square as martyrs.

Floyd and Taylor are only two of the police victims elevated to household names by the powerful Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization. The self-proclaimed trained Marxists who founded that subversive movement exploited, and continue to exploit, those victims in order to incite a civil war in America by hyping a false narrative of the systematic targeting of blacks by law enforcement. That is the subject of I Can’t Breathe: How a Racial Hoax is Killing America, the newest book by Freedom Center founder, conservative warrior, and bestselling author David Horowitz.

Horowitz’s aim with the book is to puncture BLM’s grotesque narrative, which is supported by the Democrat Party and amplified by its media enablers. He begins the book with a summary of our current racial divide, which was exacerbated by deadly, nationwide BLM rioting – “a summer of insurrections” – in 2020 that constituted “the costliest sustained acts of civil disorder in American history.” The siege of Portland by violent leftist activists, the Democrat movement to defund police departments and the subsequent crime waves that swept the nation, the anti-American messaging, the 2016 massacre of five white cops in Dallas at the hands of a BLM-inspired black extremist – Horowitz weaves all these ugly threads and more to create a dark tapestry of the devastation that Black Lives Matter’s myth-making has wrought:

The casualties of the scorched-earth war unleashed by Black Lives Matter dwarf the total casualties of all the alleged racial injustices the organization has protested. The atrocities instigated and inspired by BLM encompass scores of innocent wounded and dead, both black and white… Surveying these disasters, one could reasonably conclude that, thanks to Black Lives Matter campaigns to abolish police departments, advances in both race relations and protections for urban black communities have been set back fifty years.

Horowitz compiles the names of 26 black victims BLM claims were murdered or maimed by the police since the death of Trayvon Martin in 2012 sparked the launch of the movement. They include the aforementioned Martin, Floyd and Taylor, as well as Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Tamir Race, and Freddie Gray, to name some of the most well-known. Then – in chapters on how the BLM movement began, grew, and went national and then international – Horowitz goes on to dissect all 26 incidents according to the facts, backed up by over 70 pages of footnotes. He demonstrates how BLM has lied about every single one in its quest to aggravate racial tensions and rip America apart at the seams.

His examinations show “that while some of the Black Lives Matter cases reveal tragic errors of judgment, almost all involve resistance by known and armed criminals to warranted arrests. In the vast majority of cases, Horowitz concludes, “the deceased would still be alive if they had simply obeyed police commands, and the Black Lives Matter charges are reckless inventions unsupported by the facts.”

But of course, inconvenient facts and statistics are irrelevant to the racist power-mongers of BLM, “whose motives and goals have nothing to do with black lives mattering,” Horowitz notes. “Black Lives Matter is not a civil rights organization. It is a revolutionary criminal movement whose goals are openly Marxist and communist.” What matters to them, he adds, is not black lives but “the anti-American revolution they are advancing and the fantasy world they think they will achieve by destroying the most equitable, inclusive, tolerant, and free society that has ever existed.”

Horowitz correctly points out that “Never in the history of nations has a previously oppressed minority like black Americans been so integrated into the dominant culture of a nation.” In addition, there is not a single crime statistic to support “the harsh claims of a hunting season on blacks by police.” On the contrary, I Can’t Breathe marshals irrefutable evidence that the truth about crime and race in this country is exactly the opposite of BLM’s “malicious racial fiction.”

Horowitz answers the question he poses in one chapter heading – “What Kind of Movement is This?” – with an exposé of BLM’s proud links to cop-killers and domestic terrorists such as Assata Shakur and Susan Rosenberg (who now sits on the board of Thousand Currents, a nonprofit that has funneled millions of dollars into BLM coffers); to black racists and anti-Semites like Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan; to a coalition of radical groups like the street thugs of Antifa and the Labor/Community Strategy Center (headed by former Weather Underground terrorist Eric Mann, the ideological mentor of BLM founder Patrisse Cullors); and to major funders like far-left billionaire financier George Soros and the Ford and Kellogg Foundations.

Horowitz also addresses BLM’s indoctrination of schoolkids, its takeover of the culture, its anti-family agenda (the declaration of which was scrubbed from the organization’s website when it began to attract too much outraged attention), and its perpetuation of destructive, anti-American myths such as “systemic racism.”

In his concluding chapter, “Whose Future?”, Horowitz links the BLM movement’s aims to the broader agenda of the Democrat Party under decrepit puppet President Joe Biden, who himself publicly promotes the shameful lie that blacks in America are oppressed by a “systemic racism” which demonstrably does not exist.

Whose future, indeed? If we are to repel Black Lives Matter’s full-on assault on our values, institutions, and character, it will only be if all American patriots summon the kind of courageous, truth-telling resistance David Horowitz displays in his indispensable book I Can’t Breathe to expose and condemn the corrosive racial hoaxes perpetrated by BLM and the Democrat Party.

From FrontPage Mag, 10/20/21