Monday, December 20, 2010

Goodbye Cruel World: Terrorism as a "Way Out of Here"

In an article on Big Peace today, Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels notes some stunning statistics about the degree of inbreeding in some Islamic societies (70% of all Pakistanis, 40% of all Turks, and "close to half of all Arabs"), and points out the link between inbreeding, physical/mental handicaps, and depression. He theorizes about the relationship between this and terrorism:
Research suggests that many suicide bombers are suffering from depression, and their actions are just a socially accepted (among Muslims) way of committing suicide in order to end their mental torment...
The unhealthy culture of inbreeding in Muslim societies increases the number of Muslim martyrs who are looking for an honourable and socially and religiously accepted way out of here.
Even if true, that would still only account for suicide bombers from such societies, not perfectly healthy, educated terrorists who move easily in Western societies and have no intention of blowing themselves up along with their infidel targets. Sennels acknowledges this in his summation, and puts it in the perspective of a greater motivation:
Surely the Quran’s numerous verses ordering Muslims to fight to the death in order to spread sharia and defend the honour of their religion and prophet is the most obvious and strongest motivator for Islamic terrorism. Being an outcast due to a physical handicap, living in a country that does not manage to take care of handicapped people, suffering from physical pain following disease, or being depressed or schizophrenic, has now proved to be an important factor as well.