Thursday, June 14, 2018

What Justice Demands

On Wednesday a United States amendment to a draft resolution that would have condemned the terrorist group Hamas was blocked at the U.N. General Assembly even before getting to a vote. U.S. Ambassador and future POTUS Nikki Haley called the move “shameful” and declared, “It is no wonder that no one takes the U.N. seriously as a force for Middle East peace.” This is just the latest example of the sort of anti-Israel resistance that the tiny Middle East democracy and its ally the United States confront daily in the Arab-Israeli forever war. What will it take to resolve this conflict? What is the solution?

Elan Journo offers one in his new book, What Justice Demands: America and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. The book is not a comprehensive history of this complex conflict, but a clarification of its essential nature and moral significance. Its central point is that America must reexamine and change its two-state approach, which Journo argues has not only come to nothing, it has made matters worse. While ostensibly supporting Israel, we actually have sold her out and empowered jihadists in the process.
Born in Israel and raised in the United Kingdom, Journo is a Fellow and Director of Policy Research at the Ayn Rand Institute whose articles have appeared in a such publications as Foreign Policy, Middle East Quarterly, and the Los Angeles Times. He is the co-author of Failing to Confront Islamic Totalitarianism, a contributor to Defending Free Speech, and editor of Winning the Unwinnable War.
In What Justice Demands, Journo puts forth a secular moral framework for the conflict in terms of justice. He begins in Part I by evaluating the moral standing of Israel and, in Part II, that of the Palestinians. He does this by asking the simple question, “Where would you rather live?” In what one French diplomat called the “shitty little country” of Israel, or in any of its neighboring Arab states? The latter, Journo details, are all authoritarian, totalitarian, and/or failed states which impose thought control, gender apartheid, and religious oppression, including honor killings and the dehumanization of gays; Israel, by contrast, offers intellectual freedom, gender equality, and a sexual tolerance unheard of anywhere in the Muslim world. Israel also offers prosperity and progress to all, in contrast with the Arab world’s widespread poverty, ignorance, and stagnation. Despite “the international chorus of denunciation against Israel—at the U.N., on campuses, in editorials, from the advocates of boycotts, sanctions, and divestment,” Journo writes, “[i]t is only in Israel that individuals in their daily life are free to set and pursue their own path and to achieve their own vision of a good life.”

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Kickstarter: Media that inspires patriotic, masculine and successful men

Check out this important new project I'm involved with that's being crowdfunded on Kickstarter: Lincoln and Grant, a new media company that aims to inspire patriotic, masculine and successful men.

If you're fed up with leftist men's lifestyle mags like GQ and Esquire, please consider contributing to help get this project off the ground.


School Shootings and 'Toxic Masculinity'

I spoke recently about "Toxic Masculinity" at the American Freedom Alliance's conference in Los Angeles on "School Shootings. Below is the video.

Introducing Elan Journo in Los Angeles

On Tuesday evening, July 10 at the Luxe Hotel in Los Angeles, I'll be introducing journalist Elan Journo. He will be speaking about his new book What Justice Demands, which I'll also be reviewing this week for FrontPage Mag.

For further info, click here.

Paul Krugman’s Intellectual Dishonesty

The discourse of today’s political left is invariably marked by jaw-dropping degrees of hypocrisy and psychological projection. Case in point: last week columnist Paul Krugman posted an opinion piece at The New York Times titled “Intellectuals, Politics and Bad Faith,” in which he strove to smear the political right as intellectually dishonest – exactly the same sin of which Krugman was guilty in his own column.
Nobel Prize-winner Krugman long ago ceased being reliable as an economist but has maintained his political stature among the left as a race-obsessed smear merchant who habitually demonizes conservatives in his Times columns. As noted in his profile at, the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s encyclopedia of the political left, Krugman’s “view of Republicans and conservatives as hate mongers has been on display again and again.” As an example, when Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and six others were shot in Tucson, Arizona in 2011 by an obsessed lunatic, Krugman falsely blamed it on “the rising tide of violence” in America stemming from “toxic,” “eliminationist” rhetoric “coming, overwhelmingly, from the right.”
In another instance, on Election Day in 2016, a bitter Krugman lashed out by attacking Donald Trump’s supporters as racist misogynists “who don’t share at all our idea of what America is about.” At least he got that last part right – Trump supporters most assuredly do not share Krugman’s Progressive vision of what America should be about.
More recently, this February he wrote that “America in 2018 is not a place where we can disagree without being disagreeable, where there are good people and good ideas on both sides, or whatever other bipartisan homily you want to recite.” Distressingly, there is much truth to this, but which side is largely responsible for this hostility and division? Which side is it that seems pathologically incapable of civility? Which side is it that violently seeks to shut down the free speech of its political opponents? Which side is it that has weaponized the culture – education, news media, and entertainment – and is waging a campaign of relentless partisan hatred through it? Krugman, of course, blames the right, and Krugman, of course, is wrong. More precisely, Krugman is lying.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Speaking at the AFA Conference on School Shootings

I'm honored to have been invited to speak at the American Freedom Alliance's conference on school shootings on Sunday, May 20. I'll be talking about shootings and "toxic masculinity."

Description below:
Invites You To Our Spring 2018 Conference

Sunday, May 20th
9AM - 4 PM
Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel
The more we look into these horrific shootings and the media's "coverage" of them, the more we're convinced of how important and unique this conference is.

Make no mistake:  The Left has created the conditions that foster these shootings, and then exploits them to make conditions even worse, in a seemingly never-ending downward spiral where we all are made more vulnerable and, of course, less free.

This conference aims to STOP that spiral and turn it around, so that our children and our society as a whole can be protected, strengthened and empowered.
This conference isn’t only about school shootings.  It’s about protecting our rights, protecting our kids, protecting our values, our families and our boys and the mental well-being of our children, and all of this, each and every aspect, is required for self-governance to work.  It’s just that simple.

Bookworm Room Talk

I spoke yesterday to the Bookworm Room blogger's lunch group in Marin County about chivalry and the war on masculinity, and it seems she very kindly (way, WAY kindly) knocked out a writeup about my talk...

Mark Tapson wages war against whole idea of toxic masculinity

The Speaker’s group that I co-chair hosted a wonderful speaker today: Mark Tapson. If that name sounds familiar to you, it’s because you’ve seen his writing on quality conservative websites such as Front Page Magazine, the now defunct Truth Revolt (which is making way for a different, even better project), Breitbart, etc.
As is true for me, Mark is a former Democrat who found the cognitive dissonance between his values and the modern Democrat party too difficult to tolerate. Unlike me, he is not a gadfly but is, instead, a really deep thinker and a very knowledgeable man. Today, the thoughts and knowledge he shared with us revolved around the culture war on men and ways to counter the deep damage this war is inflicting on our fathers, sons, husbands, and brothers. Moreover, if these men are the primary victims, every woman in each man’s life becomes collateral damage.

The talk was wonderful. Mark is a very engaging speaker — he has a pleasant voice and his tone walks the fine line between lecture and conversation. You know he’s standing there educating you, but it feels as if you’re just at a party listening to the most interesting man in the room. Add knowledge and passion to the mix and you’ve got a talk that flies by. I was absolutely stunned when I realized that he’d been talking for 40 minutes. It felt like half that length. If we hadn’t had to clear the room, I think my group would still be there listening to him.

So what did Mark talk about? I didn’t take notes, so the rest of this post will be a little ragged, since my memory is more surreal than photographic. Anything intelligent in this post is Mark’s. Any mistakes or stupidities are mine.

Read the rest here.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Speaking to the Bookworm Room

If you're not familiar with the always-interesting, conservative Bookworm Room blogger, do yourself a favor and check out her site, where she ruminates on politics and culture.

I'm honored to say I've been invited to speak about my forthcoming book on chivalry and the war on masculinity before her luncheon group in the San Francisco Bay Area next week.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Onward and Upward


After editing the David Horowitz Freedom Center website TruthRevolt for nearly three years, I am excited to announce that I now hold two brand new positions at the Center: serving as its Director of Marketing and Media, and doing weekly writing and video commentary as its Journalism Fellow on Popular Culture. will be shutting down to make way for big changes at the DHFC. Here is the official announcement at the site:

This is to announce that TruthRevolt will be closing up shop as of the end of today, Wednesday, March 7.

Ben Shapiro and David Horowitz created TruthRevolt with a mission to expose the leftist news media and hold them accountable for their hypocrisy and bias. Launched in October 2013, it was not just a media watchdog, but a media bulldog. TruthRevolt sought to help loosen the leftist death grip on the organs of culture: the news media, academia, and entertainment.

As the editor of TruthRevolt for nearly three years, I am proud of the fight we waged and grateful for the support of our readers and supporters. We aren’t giving up that fight, however; I want to emphasize that TruthRevolt is shuttering to enable the David Horowitz Freedom Center to focus on exciting new developments which will give us a more prominent presence and make us an even more formidable foe of the radical left.

Again, thanks to all our readers. For now, stay with us at the Freedom Center by following our flagship site FrontPage Mag, edited by Jamie Glazov, and keep an eye out for big changes in the very near future.
Mark Tapson, TruthRevolt editor

Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism

A 2015 Pew survey reported that the total number of Catholics in the United States dropped by 3 million since 2007, now comprising about 20 percent - or one-fifth - of the total population. Catholicism is losing more members than it gains at a higher rate than any other denomination – a recent development which the radical progressives at Salon celebrate. Why is this an issue that should worry Americans and the Western world at large?
One key reason is that the fastest-growing religion in the country and around the world is Islam – something Salon radicals also no doubt celebrate. But the fundamentalist brand of Islam that is once again on the rise is antithetical, indeed openly hostile, to the values of Western civilization, and for many centuries Catholicism as a central component of European identity was a bulwark against its spread. But for various reasons the West has lost confidence in its cultural identity and moral authority in recent decades, and the result has been submission to decadence, to cultural Marxism, and to Islam. If we are to reverse a civilization in rapid decline, we must undertake a resurgence of Western exceptionalism with a militant Christian ethos at its core.
For Catholics who have backslid or grown apathetic, that means waking up to what is at stake, and then making a renewed commitment to understanding and manifesting the tenets of their own religion, a religion that has been steered toward emasculation, socialism, and interfaith suicide by the radical left. For non-Catholics as well – even atheists – it means acknowledging how crucial a revivified Christianity is to a defense of Western civilization, and educating themselves about the myths and realities of Catholicism.
Enter John Zmirak’s timely book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism, published by Regnery. Zmirak is an editor, teacher, screenwriter, political columnist, and the author of the popular Bad Catholic's Guides and The Race to Save Our Century: Five Core Principles to Promote Peace, Freedom, and a Culture of Life. His work has appeared in First Things, The Weekly Standard, USA Today, and FrontPage Magazine, among other venues.
The book’s cover declares Catholicism to be “the most politically incorrect institution in the world!” and features a trinity of grinning nuns with guns – itself politically incorrect enough to trigger leftists who prefer a less militant, more social justice-oriented, and submissive Christianity. The cover also features such triggering bullet points as:
  • Catholic teaching favors gun rights, capitalism, and a strong defense
  • Catholic “social teaching” isn’t liberal, it’s conservative
  • Catholic doctrine doesn’t require open borders

and perhaps most politically incorrect and offensive:
  • The Crusades are something to be proud of