Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Eulogy for a Conservative Warrior

Many conservatives were shocked to learn last week that Townhall columnist, pro-life advocate, free speech warrior, and conservative professor Mike S. Adams was found dead at his home in North Carolina.

The author of such politically-incorrect titles as Welcome to the Ivory Tower of Babel: Confessions of a Conservative Professor (2004), Feminists Say the Darnedest Things: A Politically Incorrect Professor Confronts “Womyn” on Campus (2008), and Letters to a Young Progressive: How to Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don’t Understand (2013), Adams toiled in the front lines of the culture war, fighting for the unborn and against the progressive suppression of free speech. His death is a terrible loss for those causes, for the many Christian and conservative students he mentored on a hostile campus, and for patriots all over the country.

Friends and supporters, myself included, could not help but suspect foul play, because the police report on Mike’s death referred to a “gsw” or “gun shot wound.” We considered Mike a fearless warrior, and he had just opted for early retirement after winning a half-million dollar settlement from the University of North Carolina-Wilmington (which a jury found had discriminated against him for his Christian conservative beliefs), so suicide seemed unthinkable. It’s painful to think that a brother-in-arms wrestled with and lost an internal struggle of which we were unaware, but a New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office investigation ultimately concluded that that he did indeed take his own life.

Former National Review writer David French, who had been a close friend of Mike and represented him in his seven-year lawsuit against UNC, posted a very personal eulogy at The Dispatch in which he lamented not only his friend’s passing but also that the mainstream media’s coverage of it was “deeply, gravely unjust.” He noted that such outlets as USA Today, CNN, and Buzzfeed had, in their headlines, defined Mike’s life “by the worst possible characterization of his worst tweets.” BuzzFeed’s was the most repulsive: “A Professor Who Was Known for His Racist, Misogynistic Tweets Was Found Dead in His Home.” And of course, social media teemed with vile, leftist celebration for Adams’ passing.

“It’s the most graceless way possible to describe a man who faced an avalanche of unjust hatred in his life,” French wrote, “who had to fight for years to vindicate his most basic constitutional rights, and who helped mentor thousands of young conservative Christian students who often feel isolated and alone on secular and progressive campuses.”

I did not know Mike personally until this month when I interviewed him for FrontPage Mag. That was barely 10 days before concerned neighbors called 911 to alert police that he had not been seen and his car had not left his driveway for a few days. My communication with him was brief; he was grateful for the opportunity to answer some questions about an academic career that was coming to a close, one that had been marked not only by multiple teaching and service awards but by “controversy,” meaning that his irreverence for the left’s sacred cows, and his very presence on campus as a conservative professor (that rarest of oxymorons), triggered the haters. They responded predictably: by smearing Mike with all the usual labels and targeting him for cancellation from his job.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Confessions of a Conservative College Professor

In the left-dominated world of academia, the tiny minority of conservative professors has to keep its collective head down in order to avoid shunning, discrimination, and the bullying Cancel Culture currently running amok in universities. But Mike S. Adams, until recently a longtime professor in the criminal justice program at University of North Carolina – Wilmington (UNCW), isn’t the sort to muffle his convictions.

The author of such politically-incorrect titles as Welcome to the Ivory Tower of Babel: Confessions of a Conservative Professor (2004), Feminists Say the Darnedest Things: A Politically Incorrect Professor Confronts “Womyn” on Campus (2008), and Letters to a Young Progressive: How to Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don’t Understand (2013), Adams is also a columnist at who isn’t afraid to call out progressive totalitarianism or push back against the attempted suppression of his free speech.

Adams took UNCW to court for violating his First Amendment rights by denying his promotion to full professor in 2006 in retaliation for his pro-life speeches and TownHall columns. In 2014, a federal jury ruled in Adams’ favor and the court ordered UNCW to promote him and give him seven years back pay. Adams says he “spent most of the money on guns made by Browning, guitars made by Fender, and amps made by Mesa Boogie.”

In 2016, a petition called for Adams' removal from the school after he published an article titled “A ‘Queer Muslim’ Jihad?” at The Daily Wire. More recently, he triggered progressive outrage with a couple of tweets which the school labeled “vile and inexcusable,” including this zinger: “Don't shut down the universities. Shut down the non essential majors. Like Women's Studies.” The tweets sparked two new petitions calling for his removal, as well as a condemnation from Wilmington resident and actor Orlando Jones, who tweeted that Adams was “a PROBLEM.” Yes, a problem for the anti-free speech left.

Dr. Adams graciously agreed to answer some questions for FrontPage Mag.

Mark Tapson:           Mike, in the ‘90s you abandoned your atheism and embraced conservatism as well. What brought about your religious and political conversions?

Monday, July 6, 2020

Just Say ‘No’ to the Revolution

As the militantly ignorant shock troops of a new Cultural Revolution rampage across the United States of America in an orgy of statue-toppling, cop-killing, and flag-burning, they continue to be met with a stunning lack of resistance. President Trump’s stirring Independence Day speech aside, the country’s leaders are worse than useless: Democrat politicians support the chaos, and Republican politicians are too feckless to take action. Conservative citizens are too law-abiding to fight fire with fire, and so the mob, stoked by the activist news media and facing no consequences for their anarchy, tears down America unopposed.

Instead of resistance, a wave of self-flagellating public apologies and corporate appeasement has swept through guilt-ridden, white America, which has simply rolled over for the violent revolutionaries of the Black Lives Matter racial extortion racket. One notable recent example of Americans embracing their own humiliation before the rabid mob: the country music band Lady Antebellum has chosen to rename itself “Lady A,” because the band members found themselves “regretful and embarrassed” by the word antebellum and its purported “associations” with the Civil War and slavery. Of course, the band didn’t pick the original name to honor slavery, but simply as a nod to the Southern antebellum-style home “where we took our first photos.” But innocuous explanations aren’t sufficient anymore, because the totalitarian left has booby-trapped the cultural landscape into a minefield of ultra-heightened racial sensitivity.

(For the same reason, and in a bid to revive their relevance, the forgotten country music trio The Dixie Chicks, who were so eager to apologize to foreign audiences for President Bush, pre-emptively dropped “Dixie” from their name. Now they’re just The Chicks. Once they realize how triggering that word is to feminists, presumably they’ll hasten to change their name to just “The.”)

It’s unclear whether anyone actually ever complained to Lady Antebellum about its name, but in any case, the members posted a cringe-inducing statement on Instagram expressing their deep sorrow “for the hurt this has caused and for anyone who has felt unsafe, unseen, or unvalued.” It’s hard for a rational person to fathom how the name of a band can cause hurt and make someone feel unsafe, unseen, and unvalued, but this is the irrational, woke world in which we find ourselves now: a culture whipped into a frenzy by political correctness and identity politics, in which supposedly “marginalized” demographic groups in the freest, least racist, and most prosperous country in history have weaponized their perceived victimhood against their perceived oppressors. It is a culture in which those “oppressors” have been indoctrinated to internalize their own racial guilt so deeply that, like the young woman in this degrading video, they do not hesitate to kneel before, beg forgiveness from, and even kiss the boots of total strangers against whom they have committed no sin.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Re-Educating Whitey

Recently I called out a female “person of color” on Twitter for the blatant anti-white racism she was proudly exhibiting in her tweets. A white female ally of hers chimed in, chastising me for not knowing that “people of color can’t be racist.” I needed to educate myself about racism, she insisted. This is a common refrain in these times of even more racial unrest and sensitivity than usual: that white Americans need to educate themselves about the racism that Barack Obama declared is inherent in their DNA. They need to educate themselves about their white privilege, their white rage, and their white fragility which makes them touchy about being called racists. Like counter-revolutionaries who need “re-education,” they need to understand, accept, and publicly acknowledge their deep complicity in an evil system.

According to the left, in our white supremacist nation only whites can be racist because they control the culture’s power structures and therefore only they can impose “systemic racism.” Non-whites, conversely, are helpless victims of the system and therefore cannot be racist. This false oppressor/oppressed dynamic has been promoted so long and so effectively that open bigotry toward whites has reached peak cultural and political acceptability now, whereas any perceived racial “insensitivity” toward non-whites, such as the myth of cultural appropriation, incurs the unforgiving wrath of the internet mob (and of actual mobs).

Black Lives Matter icon and Nike spokesperson Colin Kaepernick, for example, who sparked the whole trend of protesting during national anthems at sporting events, can encourage rioting and looting without fear of losing his multimillion-dollar endorsements. Indeed, it only enhances his cultural cachet. But let white quarterback Drew Brees state publicly and innocuously that he refuses to disrespect the Stars and Stripes by taking a knee, and he and his wife are forced – shades of the Chinese Cultural Revolution – to debase themselves in apology for their incorrect thinking.

To help white oppressors educate themselves about their racism, the media lately has been helpfully providing lists of recommending reading with which to deprogram themselves. As of this writing, for example, the audiobook giant Audible, a division of Amazon, has a banner at the top of its website with a link to “An Anti-Racism Reading List.” Below that are three links to articles about the black experience and black literature, including a reading list of audiobooks on race for children, titled “Listens for Raising an Anti-Racist” – because it’s never too early to start inculcating the blank slates of young American minds that they are either suffering from, or inflicting, racial oppression, depending on their skin color.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Filthy Rich – The Jeffrey Epstein Story

By comparison to the history-making events of 2020, the sordid saga of shadowy, uber-rich hedge fund manager Jeffrey Epstein, whose sex-trafficking trial temporarily dominated the news cycle last year, now seems foggily distant and even insignificant. His suspicious suicide while in custody spawned conspiracy theories and internet memes, and then – just as suspiciously – any highly-anticipated exposés of the rich and powerful who might have cavorted with underage girls on Epstein’s infamous “Orgy Island” disappeared into a black hole, and the news media went back to hating President Trump.
Now Netflix has premiered a four-part documentary series titled Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, which raised expectations again that the mystery man and his web of powerful acquaintances would be dragged into the cleansing light of day. Based on the 2016 book Filthy Rich: The Billionaires Sex Scandal – The Shocking True Story of Jeffrey Epstein by bestselling novelist James Patterson (journalists John Connolly and Tim Malloy are credited as authors as well), the series instead just drags viewers through the repellent Epstein’s mucky lifestyle but unfortunately offers no new revelations or insights into the man or any of his hedonistic friends in high places.
I was primarily curious to see how the documentary would handle former President Bill Clinton’s role in the controversy, partly because Epstein buddy Clinton is conspicuously absent from the series trailer (see below), and partly because author Patterson, who appears in the documentary himself, has at least a professional relationship with Clinton; they have collaborated on two thriller novels. Hillary’s infamously predatory husband is indeed presented in the documentary as being a friend of Epstein and as having flown on his private jet over two dozen times, but all this was all common knowledge before the Netflix series.
A former Epstein employee does claim in the film that he saw Clinton on his boss’ private island, and one of Epstein’s girls affirms that Bill was there but “I never saw him doing anything improper.” Clinton spokesperson Angel Urena has issued a blanket denial of any insinuation that Bill ever participated in Epstein’s pedophiliac shenanigans or even visited any of Epstein’s residences: “This was a lie the first time it was told, and it isn’t true today, no matter how many times it’s repeated.” Hillary unsurprisingly is neither seen nor heard from in the series. That’s as far as the series delves into the Epstein-Clinton connection.
Filthy Rich spends more time covering disgraced British Prince Andrew’s involvement, including showing footage of his epic fail of a BBC interview in which he claimed that he couldn’t possibly be the “profusely sweating” man described by one of Epstein’s girls because he was suffering from a medical condition at that time that didn’t allow him to sweat. He also claimed that he had no recollection of that same girl, whom he was photographed hugging on Epstein’s island. An employee at the island also asserts in the documentary that in 2004 he saw the Prince getting frisky in a pool there with the same girl, who was topless. This new salacious detail, however, is little more than an extra nail in the coffin of Andrew’s public life.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words

Before there was Brett Kavanaugh, there was Clarence Thomas. Many who watched or participated in the grotesque circus that was the Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearings no doubt were unaware of, or had forgotten, the ugly spectacle that was Thomas’ confirmation hearings in 1991. As a black conservative, Thomas drew (and continues to draw) the vicious wrath of racist Democrats who reserve a special enmity for minorities that dare stray from the leftist plantation. Then as now, the Democrats waged their politics of personal destruction, and then as now a good man with impeccable legal credentials was demonized by an uncorroborated allegation of sexual harassment shored up by the full force of the leftist smear machine.
A riveting new documentary revisits the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill controversy as part of a look at the Supreme Court Justice’s amazing life journey. Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words, produced by Michael Pack of Manifold Productions, aired earlier this week on PBS, of all places, and is still available here for free through June 2. Don’t miss it. The producers interviewed Thomas and his wife Virginia for over 30 hours about his life, the law, and his legacy. As the movie’s website states,

the documentary proceeds chronologically, combining Justice Thomas’ first person account with a rich array of historical archive material, period and original music, personal photos, and evocative recreations. Unscripted and without narration, the documentary takes the viewer through this complex and often painful life, dealing with race, faith, power, jurisprudence, and personal resilience.
In his rich, sonorous voice, Thomas, the second black American to serve on the Court and, at 28 years, the longest-serving Justice, tells his life story beginning with his birth in tiny Pin Point, Georgia in 1948. Descended from West African slaves and born into rock-bottom poverty, Thomas later was raised by his grandparents in Savannah. His stern grandfather, “the greatest man I have ever known,” believed firmly in hard work and even more firmly in the education he never had, the lack of which he blamed for his inability to rise above his station in life. He impressed upon his grandchildren the importance of committing themselves to school. He told Thomas and his brother that they would go every day, even when sick, and even if they were dead he would take their bodies to school for three more days “to make sure we weren’t faking.”

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

'Mrs. America': Phyllis Schlafly and the Battle to Stop the ERA

In November of 1983 I attended a highly-anticipated debate at San Francisco State University called “Two Views on Women” between Phyllis Schlafly, the conservative icon who had famously spearheaded the scuttling of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in the 1970s, and Dierdre English, a Mother Jones editor and feminist who stood in complete opposition to everything Schlafly stood for. I was a Democrat at the time, and thus went into the debate rather mindlessly expecting to side with English. I was not in the minority; most of the two thousand or so attendees that evening were rooting for English, as might be expected considering the venue.
But even as a Democrat, I was put off by the fact that throughout the debate, English resorted to sarcasm and personal attacks instead of reasoned argument, while the unflappable Schlafly not only never took the bait, she also skillfully defended the traditional roles of mother and housewife with arguments English either wouldn’t or couldn’t refute (in retrospect, this contrast should have clued me in to a stark difference between the left and the right in general, but regrettably, my political epiphany wouldn’t happen for many more years). I remember feeling so frustrated with English’s tactics that at one point I hissed out loud, “She’s blowing it” – which earned me a nasty look from the female student and English-supporter in front of me.
This scenario similarly played out over and over again in Schlafly’s skirmishes with feminist proponents of the ERA in the previous decade. The National Review recently decried a “shoddy attack” against Schlafly, who died in 2016, in the Washington Post by NeverTrump blowhard Max Boot, who identified her as a key factor in “the origins of our current madness,” claiming she “pioneered the kind of incendiary, irrational rhetoric” that ultimately led to the ascendance of Donald Trump. But if you’ve ever seen Schlafly in the media, or watched any videos of her many TV appearances, you know that, far from employing incendiary, irrational rhetoric, she could be forceful but was unfailingly cool, calm, collected, reasoned, articulate, and never sank to ad hominem – or more precisely, ad feminam – attacks, in contrast to the kind of incendiary, irrational rhetoric regularly used by her radical opponents like Diedre English.
This comes up because the FX network and Hulu streaming service have combined in the recent release of a nine-episode series about the battle to pass the Equal Rights Amendment called Mrs. America. The show is an ensemble piece which devotes more time to the bevy of feminist characters than one might expect, considering the title and the fact that Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett is the centerpiece as Schlafly, who is depicted as an anti-heroine. Reviewers have missed no opportunity to praise Blanchett’s “complex” characterization and to demonize the real-life Schlafly. The Loud and Clear review describes Mrs. America as “the story of Second Wave Feminism in America [told] from the side of the villain.” Slant Magazine states that “Schlafly resembles Trump in her truth-flexing fearmongering,” and in another sideswipe at President Trump, a reviewer at claims that “few, if any, of her arguments are based in fact. This leads the ‘libbers’ [in the show] to write her off as a quack, dismissive of the massive power of her lies, conspiracy theories, and nightmare scenarios. (Sound familiar?).”

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

A World Without God

With few exceptions, the overwhelmingly secular filmmakers in Hollywood don’t present Christianity in a favorable, or even a balanced, light. Characters who are overtly Christian are almost always caricatures if not the bad guys: fanatical fundamentalists, over-the-top hypocrites, sexually perverse, outright evil, or a combination thereof. The British leftist propaganda network, the BBC, is typically just as bigoted in this respect as Hollywood, which makes its series The Frankenstein Chronicles all the more stunning as a pro-life, cautionary tale of a world without God.
The Frankenstein Chronicles is a two-season BBC series (six episodes in each) from 2015-17, available on Netflix. It stars Sean Bean, who is well-known from dozens of films and TV shows such as The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and the James Bond film Goldeneye (Bean reportedly was once considered for the role of Bond). Set in 1820’s London, the series follows Bean, looking even more grizzled than usual here, as war veteran and river detective John Marlott. He is tasked with investigating a monstrous crime: the body of a young girl has been recovered from the Thames, and Marlott learns that her corpse actually consists of the parts of eight different children, stitched together into a single body. Someone is kidnapping and murdering street urchins, then performing unholy experiments on them. But for what purpose?
The show reflects a real-life, early 19th-century surge of interest in anatomy thanks to an increase in the importance of surgery. At this time, only the corpses of executed murderers could legally be used for dissection. But the rise of medical science and a reduction in executions meant that an underground trade in grave robbing began to flourish. The trade was conducted by so-called “resurrectionists,” who robbed graves to sell corpses for medical study. An Anatomy Act was proposed which would ensure that anyone practicing anatomy had to obtain a license from the Home Secretary. It gave physicians, surgeons, and students legal access to corpses unclaimed after death – in particular, those who had died in hospitals, prisons, and workhouses – which would end the work of the despised resurrectionists but meant that the bodies of society’s downtrodden would be denied dignity and become fodder for medical experiments.
Marlott is a working-class stiff whose soul has been ravaged by the drowning death of his young daughter and his wife’s subsequent suicide – and if you’re familiar with Sean Bean’s work, you know that there is literally no actor alive whose face more convincingly conveys a world-weariness and torturous guilt. Troubled by dreams and hallucinations in which he sees, but cannot reunite with, his deceased family, and disturbed by the prospect that children are being victimized by “a monster with a human face,” Marlott begins to obsess over the case, which leads him deeper and deeper into a tangled political web, and dangerously close to the darkest evil.

Trump and Churchill

I’m a firm subscriber to the “Great Man” theory of history, which posits that the course of history largely (but not entirely) has been determined, for better or worse, by the decisive impact of individuals of unique vision and indomitable will. What would the world look like had Alexander the Great, for example, never been born? Or Jesus Christ? Or George Washington? Or Adolph Hitler, for that matter? Fortunately for the world, Hitler’s impact was checked by the timely emergence of another towering figure who validates the Great Man theory: Winston Churchill.

Now conservative author and speaker Nick Adams has written a book linking Churchill to President Donald Trump as men who share certain qualities that Adams believes confirms their stature as history’s two greatest defenders of Western civilization.

If you’ve ever seen my friend Nick Adams speak in person or in the news media, you know that one would be hard-pressed to find a more enthusiastic cheerleader for America – especially considering that he’s from Australia (he describes himself as an American trapped in an Australian body). A legal immigrant, Nick is genuinely so grateful and excited to be an American that he founded FLAG, the Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating Americans about the values and principles that make our nation exceptional. Toward this end, FLAG promotes civics education to K-12 students across the country.

Nick has also written a number of books extolling and defending American virtues, including Green Card Warrior: My Quest for Legal Immigration in an Illegals' System, Class Dismissed: Why College Isn’t the Answer, and Retaking America: Crushing Political Correctness. His latest book, available May 19, is Trump and Churchill: Defenders of Western Civilization“part historical, part rallying cry, part sociological analysis,” as he puts it. In it, Nick examines the former British Prime Minister and America’s 45th President through a combination of ten qualities crucial to their greatness, each of which is assigned its own short chapter: genius, patriotism, prescience, instinct, defiance, pugnacity, and ebullience, among others. He asserts that the mix of these qualities enabled Churchill and Trump to rise above adversity, controversy, and overwhelming opposition both without and within their own governments to become the saviors of Western civilization and its values at moments in history when the West was challenged by perilous threats, and he predicts that Trump will surpass even Churchill in terms of his historical significance for our way of life.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

If You Protest Against Leftist Tyranny, You’re Racist

Over the last week, thousands of frustrated Americans gathered at state capitols in Michigan, Ohio, California, Minnesota, and other states to protest stay-at-home orders from totalitarian progressive leaders such as Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, who argue that the lockdowns are crucial to containing the coronavirus. But with literally tens of millions of Americans losing their jobs and their businesses, and the economy collapsing with the worst possibly to come, Americans are legitimately complaining that the draconian cure is shaping up to be worse than the disease.
Speaker of the House and nepotism-enthusiast Nancy Pelosi decried the protesters, of course: “What they're doing is really unfortunate,” she condescended. “What we have to do is, is, is shelter in place.” That’s easy for her to say. While Pelosi (who as of last year has a net worth of over $120 million) “shelters in place” in her San Francisco mansion that features a $24,000 refrigerator stocked with gourmet ice cream, her constituents are losing their livelihoods and life savings. Her nephew-by-marriage Gov. Gavin Newsom, California’s answer to Justin Trudeau, said he will not be swayed by public protests in deciding when he will reopen the state: “We are going to do the right thing: not judge by politics, not judge by protests, but by science.” Of course, what the left means by “science” is “science that conforms to our political agenda,” because progressives reject any scientific conclusions that present them with inconvenient truths.
President Trump has encouraged the demonstrations, calling last Friday for the citizens of Minnesota, Michigan and Virginia, specifically, to be “liberated.” This kind of language didn’t sit well with the totalitarian left; race-mongering MSNBC propagandist Joy Reid, for example, called it “faux-Confederate.”
Saturday on MSNBC’s AM Joy, host Reid discussed the nationwide protests with fellow Victimhood Propagandist, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, who also compared the protesters to the Confederacy and claimed hyperbolically that President Trump is “literally willing to sacrifice the lives of Americans for personal gain.”
Reid asked Ellison, “When you hear Donald Trump talking in this sort of faux-Confederate language about these lockdown orders – which are meant to save lives – and you see people with these insta-protests, paid for by activists for the super-rich, egging on this kind of activity that could get violent, what does that say to you?”