Friday, November 1, 2013

Obama's 1984

The David Horowitz Freedom Center just published my pamphlet, Obama's 1984. Here's the description:

In Obama’s 1984, Mark Tapson shows that if he were here today George Orwell would see a disturbing resemblance between the U.S. and the dystopian future he wrote about so prophetically a generation ago. Obama’s 1984 takes the reader into the dark heart of this administration, a place of omnipresent NSA surveillance, police state tactics by the IRS and TSA, and nonstop intimidation of political opponents...  This pamphlet shows that we are less free than before as we head back to Orwell’s future, and because of Barack Obama the road we travel is the road to serfdom.

You can read it on the site at the link above, or order the hard copy for $3 here.