Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ignorance is Submission

Two online articles yesterday highlighted an unsettling, if not alarming, aspect of the stealth jihad that the Muslim Brotherhood has been steadily and patiently advancing throughout the West: the "Islamization of knowledge." Laura Rosenfeld, in her Pajamas Media piece "Caught in the Act: Akbar Ahmed, the ‘Islamization of Knowledge,’ and the Muslim Brotherhood," defines it concisely here:

The Islamization of knowledge movement seeks to ensure that anything taught in the university classroom which “opposes Islam” must be discarded.
The goal is to "recast the whole legacy of human knowledge... in such a way as to make the disciplines enrich the vision and serve the cause of Islam." Not truth, but Islam. If you really want to grasp just how severely this would limit the scope of human understanding and intellectual curiosity, check out Robert Reilly's enlightening book The Closing of the Muslim Mind.

The second piece, blogger Fjordman's "Medieval Myths," notes two European professors specializing in the Middle Ages who are struggling against the tide, trying to counter falsehoods being pushed by their Marxist colleagues, about the medieval contributions supposedly made to their European heritage by Islam. As Fjordman says, those same "anti-imperialist" colleagues don't seem to have a problem when the imperialism is non-Western, and so, in the halls of academe,
Islamic advances must be celebrated; the West demonized and ridiculed. European medieval peoples are invariable portrayed as barbarians with no culture of their own.
You can see the advances already being made in the Islamization of knowledge in our own high school textbooks, which promote a whitewashed, morally equivalent perspective of Islam and Islamic history, and which vastly inflate scientific accomplishments and cultural contributions by Muslims, while devaluing our own Judeo-Christian-Classical culture.

The Islamization of knowledge movement is one of the most subversive and dangerous threats to the future of civilization.